Vendor quality self-evaluation process

VQE questionnaire v.070518

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Supplier manual

Supplier Quality Manual v.07

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Att. 1: Supplier scoring criteria – targets

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Att. 2: Documentation requirements for the presentation and qualification of the initial samples

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Att. 3: Request for information

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Att. 4: Deviation Notice from supplier

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Att. 5: Acceptance of electronic invoice

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Att. 6: SPI - Supplier Packaging Information

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Initial sample report

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Inspection report

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Process capability analysis

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Declaration of conformity RoHS Directive

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Declaration of conformance REACH

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GSQ-004 – Supplier Corrective Action Procedure

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GSQ-001 – 8D Form

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GSQ-002 – CAR Form

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GSQ-003 - SCAR Form

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GSQ-005 – Identification label for certified products after complaint

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Suppliers' quality

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