Transformers - SMA Magnetics


SMA Magnetics offers high quality signal, high-frequency, safety, isolating and power transformers.

Chokes - SMA Magnetics


We specialize in manufacturing chokes for ac-dc inverters, dc-dc converters, common-mode chokes (CMC), resonant and low-frequency chokes.

Instrument transformers - SMA Magnetics

Instrument transformers

We offer current and voltage transformers.

Special solutions - SMA Magnetics

Special solutions

SMA Magnetics offers special solutions, i.e. component ‘s functional blocks, LCL filters, EMI filter blocks, transformer assemblies.

PCB-mounted components - SMA Magnetics

PCB-mounted components

SMA Magnetics offers custom-design components (chokes, transformers, current transformers) mounted directly on the PCB.