Market segments

Renewable energy

Our knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy sources and especially in the field of photovoltaic systems have allowed us to develop a number of solutions tailored to a number of often very demanding applications and aimed at achieving low losses and high efficiency.

We specialize in power chokes, transformers, and filters for photovoltaic converters. We also offer a wide range of PCB-mounted components for power and signal conversion.


It is impossible to imagine any industry without access to electricity. The functioning and development of industrial sectors is closely dependent on a stable, uninterrupted supply of very large amounts of energy. Our products are crucial for proper operation of industrial drives and command and control systems.

The increasing share of renewable energy is setting trends in industrial electrification. This will help to minimize the negative impact of industrial development on the environment.

By offering magnetic components as part of energy converters, SMA Magnetics contributes to the revolutionary transition of the industry from fossil fuels to renewable energy and we mark our contribution to a cleaner environment.


Transformers and chokes can be found in many parts of the railroad power infrastructure. They must meet specific design and technological requirements for operation in difficult and unique railway conditions.

SMA Magnetics products are used in railcar converters, which supply power to on-board systems and power railroad turnout heating systems.

We offer high-frequency transformers and filters (chokes for inverters and CMC).


Electromobility is currently the most important trend in the global automotive market. It improves our quality of life and reduces the environmental impact of the transport sector. SMA Magnetics products are used in charging systems - transformers and mains chokes, as well as in the main power conversion systems of electric cars.

We also offer special solutions for active suspension systems.


Our transformers and chokes can be used in DC-DC converters and power supplies for electromedical devices.

We provide products that meet the requirements set forth in technical standards applicable to medical devices and customized for specific projects.