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SMA Magnetics

Designer - Manufacturer - Supplier - SMA MagneticsDesigner - Manufacturer - Supplier
Cutting-edge magnetic solution - SMA MagneticsCutting-edge magnetic solution
Enginnering to order solutions - SMA MagneticsEnginnering to order solutions


We are reliable supplier of innovative products and sustainable development solutions.

Interdisciplinary R&D team

Highly qualified team of engineers. Long-term cooperation with universities in Poland and abroad.

Design & testing

Advanced design and testing techniques in magnetics, power electronics and mechanics.


15 patents

15 patents in the area of magnetics and power electronics systems for photovoltaics.

The highest standards of quality and production management

ISO9001:2015 Certificate, implemented Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001:2015. Value Engineering, Lean management.

Our products



SMA Magnetics offers high quality signal, high-frequency, safety, isolating and power transformers.

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We specialize in manufacturing chokes for ac-dc inverters, dc-dc converters, common-mode chokes (CMC), resonant and low-frequency chokes.

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Current transformers

Current transformers

We offer current and voltage transformers.

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Special solutions

Special solutions

SMA Magnetics offers special solutions, i.e. component ‘s functional blocks, LCL filters, EMI filter blocks, transformer assemblies.

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PCB-mounted components

PCB-mounted components

SMA Magnetics offers custom-design components (chokes, transformers, current transformers) mounted directly on the PCB.

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Market segments

We are ahead of market trends by implementing innovative solutions.

We provide complete engineering to order services for renewable energy, railway, industry, e-mobility (automotive), medical equipment sectors.

Renewable energy

We specialize in power chokes, transformers, and filters for photovoltaic converters. We also offer a wide range of PCB-mounted components for power and signal conversion.


Our products are crucial for proper operation of industrial drives, command and control systems.


Our products are used in railcar converters, which supply power to on-board systems and power railroad turnout heating systems. We offer high-frequency transformers and filters (chokes for inverters and CMC).


Our products are used in charging systems - transformers and mains chokes, as well as in the main power conversion systems of electric cars. We also offer special solutions for active suspension systems.


Our transformers and chokes can be used in DC-DC converters and power supplies for electromedical devices.