Research & development

For more than 10 years our R&D team has been the global competence center for electromagnetic components within SMA Group and for other clients.

The team associates specialists in the areas: magnetics, power electronics, mechanics and new technologies and mechanical engineering. Interdisciplinary experience and knowledge of our engineers allows us to provide complex services in designing, prototyping, validation and implementation of innovative solutions into production.

Our engineering team design high quality custom-tailored products. We provide complete engineering to order services to supply our customers with efficient and cost-effective magnetic components. Each SMA Magnetics product is developed in close cooperation with customer, tailored to the customer's needs and requirements. Product life cycle support is provided complimentarily through supervised process of introducing changes to the product.

How do we work?


This is the most important and critical process for implementing new products. Using most advanced design tools, expertise and experience of our R&D department, we provide our clients with comprehensive design services based on the highest global standards.


At the design stage, we provide our clients with a fully working functional model of the product that they can test it in their product/system in order to make the right business decision.

Validation and certification

At each stage of designing and production of prototypes and functional models, we follow the client’s and market’s guidelines, and quality standards. We strive to design products the best quality products.

Production technology development

We have a number of innovative manufacturing solutions and we design our own machines using the latest technological advancements: ultrasound welding machines, automated winding stations, and dedicated manufacturing stations.