Chokes for AC-DC inverters

Podstawową funkcjonalnością dławika dla falownika jest redukcja tętnienia prądu wyjściowego.

Design based on any shape of the core ensuring optimum performance: block cores including those with elliptical cross-section, laminated, toroidal, in various shapes e.g. EE, ETD, PQ, etc. Special designs are also available that integrate the choke design into a uniform block using magnetic coupling.

Typical parameters:

  • Rated RMS current with grid frequency: depending on the application, typically up to 1,000 A in our products.

  • Initial inductance

  • Current characteristics

  • Operating frequency

  • Rated voltage: ≤ 5,000 V

  • Insulation class: B, F, or H

  • Protection rating: IP00-IP67

Depending on the solution, the components intended for installation in the system can be of an open design or can be sealed by encasing in resin or by pressure-vacuum impregnation. Chokes can be installed separately or integrated in one housing with other components of the system to form an integral filter block, e.g. LCL.

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