Resonant chokes

High-frequency AC chokes, commonly referred to as resonant chokes, due to their typical application, are characterized by high parameter stability and are intended for use in systems where AC chokes operating at high frequencies are required.

Resonant chokes are used in high-frequency resonant circuits both as main inductance e.g. in SAB/DAB SRC (series-resonant circuit) or SAB/DAB LLC (LLC tank) converters, and as auxiliary commutation circuits of transistors.

The classification of choke operation is defined by its application.

Typical parameters:

  • RMS rated current: depending on the application, typically does not exceed 1,000 A.

  • Rated voltage: ≤ 5,000 V

  • Inductance - high stability of current and temperature characteristics

  • Operating frequency

  • Insulation class: B, F, or H

  • Protection rating: IP00-IP67

Design based on block, EE, EI, ETD, PQ, and other cores.

Depending on the application, they are surface or through-hole PCB mounted, or mounted in a housing. Open design or sealed by encasing in resin or varnish.

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