PCB-mounted transformers

SMA Magnetics offers the ability to custom-design components mounted directly to the PCB.

Transformers are used for galvanic isolation of power and signal circuits. The basic characteristics for power transformers are transformer ratio, power, operating frequency, and efficiency while for signal components it is frequency.

The components enable operation with grid voltages.

Signal transformers are used in measurement systems to detect interferences e.g. short circuits and lightning, for matching and compensating circuits, for communication, and for transistor gate circuits.

Power transformers are used in power conversion systems to change the voltage level and provide galvanic isolation of circuits.

Typical parameters:

  • Primary voltage: ≤ 1,000 V

  • Secondary voltage: ≤ 1,000 V

  • Insulation strength: ≥ 1,500 V

  • Ratio

  • Insulation class: B, F, or H

  • Protection rating: ND

  • Frequency - typically above 20 kHz

  • Resistance to partial discharge

  • Max. component dimensions - 150x70x60 mm

  • Max. component weight - 600 g

Primary, secondary, double, reinforced insulation.

Components for surface mounting or through-hole mounting, also in impregnated or cast in housing versions.

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