Isolation transformers

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Isolation transformers

The basic function of isolation transformers is to provide galvanic isolation of supply and return circuits. They are usually characterized by an output voltage equal to the supply voltage. These are power-converting transformers.

Using isolation transformers is one of the ways to ensure protection against electric shock and they are used in places with increased risk of electric shock where safe voltage is not provided.

Isolation transformers - SMA Magnetics

Typical parameters:

  • Primary voltage: ≤ 1,500 V
  • Secondary voltage: ≤ 1,500 V
  • Insulation class: B, F, or H
  • Protection rating: IP00-IP67 (not applicable to leads)
  • Designed for installation in a system

Our isolation transformers are made in accordance with the EN 61558-2-4 standard.

Transformers can be made on the basis of toroidal cores and EI laminates, which makes it possible to adapt the transformer to the assembly conditions. Transformers can be made either open or encapsulated by placing them in a resin-filled housing or by impregnating them.

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